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Beyond Silver was established in 2018 by Christelle Lamprecht. Our passion is to sell unique pieces of 925 sterling silver jewellery. We specialise in bringing exquisite sterling silver jewellery pieces to our customers no matter what their taste may be.
Our company wants to go BEYOND just selling sterling silver jewellery. We also sell silicone rings for our clients who are active or works in circumstances where you cannot wear your special wedding ring. 

 We created this online jewellery store so that you can stay at home and shop online ‘BECAUSE YOU ARE TO PRETTY TO HAVE TO LOOK FOR A PARKING SPOT’, 

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Beyond Silver wants you to look and feel good every day! We provide an outstanding overall service.

4mm Slave Bangle 

Ladies Bangle

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Fancy Bracelet 

Tree Of Life Bracelet

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Earring Bow 

Ladies Collections

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Fancy Ring 

Ladies Collections

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Plain Infinity Ring 

Infinity Collection

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Crown Ring 

Crown Story Collection

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